Friday, February 23, 2007

Midnight work

What do you do at the midnight ? sleeping ? working ? crafting? blogging?

well, for me...while I still enjoyed my Chinese New Year holidays, I usually spent my midnight time with crafting.

And what can you imagine with midnight's color ? black ? grey? or red while you are in higher mood ?

This card maybe different from the cards that I made before. I never thought that black and pink can be mixed ...what do you think ? pink panther and batman ? hahaha....I simply love the combination of the card.....

Tip: Stamped the little flowers with White Ink Pad on the black paper .

1 comment:

Birgit said...

How great you decided to mix a new colour combination, as black and pink indeed are lovely together! Tried it with a scrapbook layout recently and loved it too.
And to answer your question what I usually do at midnight... sleeping! :-) I wish I had more energy for crafting during the night, at least at weekends or during holidays. Sometimes I do manage, but it's rather an exception. Happy crafting! Birgit