Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Garden Card Swap

I joined this wonderful group NeedlesnCrafts last year. The members there mostly are using needles to create their works. I am sooooooo afraid of needles and sure can't using it to create anything beautiful as they do. Fortunately there are still some members who are interested to make cards. Recently we are having our very first card swap, that's Garden Card Swap. I am very excited for this swap and really hope that more people will be interested in cardmaking.So, here is my creation for my partner, Barbara Jack.

I spent about half and one hour to make this pocket card,and mind you, I really had FUN !!!!! There is a bookmark inside the pocket and the frog-and-flowers image can be downloaded from Paper Inspirations Magazine :

Some of the flowers are stamped flowers, some are images downloaded from Paper Inspirations Magazine and the purple one is from Prima Flowers.

Well, now the supplies needed:

Yellow cardstock
Blue Cardstock
Blue ribbons
3DDragonfly embelishment
Flowers stamps
Copper brads
Wordings woven ribbon
Rubberstamp-Best Wishes(StampingUp)

Method?? You can email me privately, if you wish:-))


Birgit said...

Ying, what a great idea this card is!! Whow, that was brave of you to join this special group despite the fact that you are afraid of needles - just like myself, BTW! I wish I could incorporate some sewing and stitching with my recent projects... Well, luckily there are rub-ons with stitched design, smiles! :-) Hugs, Birgit

Ying said...

Thank you very very much sweetie for posting and comments in my blog...I feel so touch...Oh, I don't know you are afriad of needles too...:-)) I am always how shame of a girl don't know how to handle needles:-) hehe...my mother's sewing machine is too old for me to stitch and moreover she is not dare to allow me to stitch too....she knows what would happened to her machine when I use it ...LOL...oh, I don't know about the rub-ons with stitched design...maybe you can show me when I going to your place .:-))