Sunday, December 09, 2007

I Won ! I Won !!

This is the very first time I won something on the net:-) I participated in Santa Claus Fest by left a comment on their blog and posted something related Santa on my blog, so thank you very much for the Santa Claus Fest which organized by Wednesday Stamper, I hope we have next round next year:-)

This is what they said on their blog:

Thank you each and everyone for participating at yesterday’s Santa Claus Fest. We would have never expected such a cheerful, creative and eager participation of kindred souls from around the globe. We may have provided the idea and the platform, but without YOU ALL this would have been a dormant site. As promised Santa put the names of all participants into his hat and the following were drawn:

Annieta, Artkat, Audrey, Barbara H., Barone, Donna, Dymphie, Fatma, Johanna, Katrin, Lay Hoon, Ilonka, Leni, Liannallama, Lyndy, Marcela, Marion, Mary-Beth, Rein, Rini, Sandy, Saray, Silvia, Stampina, Tania and Ying Pang
Yours truly,
Tina, Santa, Hermine and Belinda

Merry Christmas to all !!!! I am looking forward for the present !!!!!!!!!!! LOL


Donelda said...

YEAH!! It is so exciting to win! I am a SBS4 sister so I can't wait to see all your work!!

scrappernic said...


Birgit said...

That's so cool that you have won!! Please let us know what you got, ok?
Love, Birgit :-)