Monday, March 31, 2008

Want to know the Suprise??

Yeap, you need to wait until tomorrow to know the answer, it's late now :-(
By the way you can keep guessing what I have done tonight. If your answer is right , then I have a small gift for you:-)) hehe....leave a comment here with your guessing.....
night night!


Mira said...

You've bought a trip either to US or Europe, but which one... hhmm, I guess Europe! You'll visit Germany.

Ratna said...

since u don't stitch, its another card or bookmark? hehehe... just fooling around here.

Monikas Lugna Vrå said...

I guess you have bought a dog

Monikas Lugna Vrå said...

You have opened an online shop

Heather said...

You were cleaning your stamping space?? :)

Glitter Monkey said...

Gosh Ying I'm not sure - did you dye your hair a different colour maybe? Lol Lynn x

Leonie said...

You've had a total make-over!!

Oh my, guessing is very hard!

I've got a lot of other ideas but they must sound all silly!

- you got married (don't know if you are already)
- you started a stampshop ;)
- you did a stampmarathon (that's not even a bad idea!)

I'm curious what other people will guess!

~ Leonie ~

Helen said...

Hello dear Ying, i think you are going to become a mom again, just a random guess :))

Love, Helen (WGF)

Anonymous said...

I think that you've made a great April Fool's Day card for an exchange.