Thursday, October 16, 2008

High Hopes Blog Candy Hunt and HOT NEWS!!!!!

Not me, Not me.......hehe.....there is someone on the High Hopes rubberstamps team has some fabulous blog candy today!! Please hop all the blogs below and see if you can find it, good luck to you !!!=))

High Hopes rubberstamps just release their new stamps, please go to their website and in the search box, enter HOTP, this will bring you to the new stamps, the newest stamps are start from page 7, ENJOY !!!!!
High Hopes rubberstamps正举行博客糖果搜索....这是什么东东?只要你去以上的blog,再找出谁正在分发糖果(印章),根据他的要求,你就有机会获胜啦!!祝你好运!!


Helena said...

LOL, what a fun idea, thanks for the links - not (joke), lol!!! Even more fantastic blogs to hop around now so more time to waste online, lol!!!!


Ciyou said...

I dont really understand what do you want to find on the following website? is it a image or a text or a post? said...

What a great idea...I suppose i must go blogging. :) By the way, I Love your background and graffix for your blog,where could one find something like this?
alison sbs4

Claudia Rosa said...

thank you ying for your comment today