Sunday, May 29, 2011

Annoucement !!!!!

Hello my dear friends,
I bet you are exciting, waiting patiently to have your new issue of Magnolia INK magazine to arrive at your door OR you have made the preorder for the new magazine. I tell you, you are doing the right thing!!!

I will post a Magnolia Sweden sponsored Blog Candy these two weeks!!!!  Yes, you read correctly, Magnolia sponsored Blog Candy!!!! BUT, You really need a new issue of Magnolia INK magazine to participate the blog candy because I will ask you questions and you need to find out the answer base on the Magazine contents.

So, stay tuned, again, patiently wait for my Magnolia Sweden sponsored Blog Candy post and I will let you know all the details!!!!!! Do you feel excited already?? I bet you have:-))

1 comment:

Brigadier said...

Dear Ying,
I'm really excited to see your works!
Hugs Brigitte