Saturday, July 21, 2007

Am I crazy?

I think so.

In this month, including today, I have bought so many stamping supplies online.I always buy the supplies online from USA because we don't have ANY craft stores here. I need to pay the product cost + shipping cost in USA dollars , and you know I am not living in USA, I don't earn US dollars. I need to pay in HUGE Malaysian Ringgit for the costs!!! The conversion is scary !!! I paid a lot !!!! Really a lot !! But I really LOVE what I have bought and can't wait to use them when they arrive.

What I had bought:

1.Stamp it Cards 2007-from papercraft magazine

2.Tim Holtz Adirondack Alcohol Ink, Farmer's Market Assortment, Set of 3

3.Inky Roller Brayer, Small

4.Tim Holtz Adirondack Alcohol Ink, Alcohol Blending Solution, 2 fl. oz.

5.Dove Blender Pen

6.Stickles Glitter Glue, Magenta, 0.5 fl. oz.

7.Stamp Cleaner, Solvent Based, Dabber, 2 oz.

8.Clear Stamps, Nativity Snowmen Set

9.Christmas Treats Card Kit - A free gift from Addicted to Rubberstamping!! :-)

10.Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabber - Brights - Raspberry

11.A Real Wildflower -Rubberstamp

12.Embossing Powder / Clear

13.Junkitz Salsa Multipacks -Papers

So, could you imagine how much I have paid? Let's have some little calculation here, $31.91 + $68.93 $21.99= $121.83 and convert to Malaysian Ringgit, then I have paid RM415.57!!! Well, it is a little "extra" from my raised salary in this month, I think, and I promise not to buy anymore in this year, do you believe it ? hehe...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Card I received

This is the card I received from Rosemary, a member from RRM. Really cute and beautiful, this is from the sketch from June COTM. We really had fun making the card!! Thank you Rosemary.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Stamping,Friendship and Travelling

Birgit, Ying, Martina

Speaking of stamping, I wish to share with you my story of stamping, friendship and travelling. Could you imagine that stamping is equal with friendship and also travelling ?? Well, let me tell you something that is very precious for me.

In sometimes ago, about 2004, I have a crafter-fellow from a yahoogroup that we joined together, her name is Birgit. We always swap handmade cards,exchange emails, chit-chat about our teaching life,yes, we are both teacher. We have too many common things, don't you think so, my dearest friend?

We have know for many years, and in this year(may/June) my family and I went to Germany and Austria for holidays,and guess what? we have met !!!!!!!!!!!! We were soooooooo happy, and can't believe this is reality!!! I also met with another friend from a yahoogroup I join too, her name is Martina, she live in another town from Birgit's place, and as for meeting me, she drove two hours from her place to Birgit's place, OH, I was so touch !!!!!

Birgit and her family were so kind to having BBQ after we arrive her house( I love her house very much!!! :-)) We have ate a lot and thanks Hans( Birgit's hubby) for being the chef to cook for us !!!! After having BBQ as lunch, we rest a while , took some photos.
After that Birgit brought us to a school that she teached before to have a look. Oh my, I never ever seen a school like this before...this school is so special, the school's name is Berndorf Schools, what's so special about this school ? Their classrooms are very unique,in the classrooms, the Boy's and the Girl's School are furnished identically, the painting and architecture have combined to form a splendid artistic unity.
They have so many different style of classrooms, for example: Egyptian classroom, Doric classroom,Pompeian classroom, Moorish classroom, Byzantine classroom, Romanesque classroom, Gothic classroom, Renaissance classroom, Louis XIV classroom,etc...When we entered the classroom, we just can't say anythings, just OHHH, AHHHH, we never seen a classroom like that before!!!! As a teacher and students we sure will feel excited when we entered those unique classroom to have class. Thank you very very much Birgit to bring us a very wonderful and precious tour!!! We can't get it in our country for this kind of classroom :-(

One of the Berndorf School classroom

At the evening, Birgit and her family together with Martina bring us to a special restaurant that served us famous and delicious Austria food!! Yummy!! Because of the lunch that we have had Birgit's house still in our stomach,LOL, we were regret that we can't finish all the food:-((

Birgit was kind enough to host me sleep in her house for that night:-))) After my family went to hotel, we back to Birgit's house to have our crafting-night:-)) We exchanged gift, chit-chat and I have browsed a lot of Birgit's craft supplies. She have so many craft supplies, but she complained that she is not the NO.1, Martina was the first lady in Austria in crafting, she deserve the place :-)))
We ended up chatting till very midnight, we were so happy !!!!!

The fun part have to come to the end......:-(( after having breakfast ( Birgit made some delicious cake too, thank you dearest!! ) we went to pick up my family at the hotel. Hans and Birgit were kind enough to drive us to Vienna Westbahnhof to take the train to Munich. Martina also leave when we leave.I was so touch and sad that we need to say goodbye. My family feel the same too. I really hope we have chance to meet again in the future, don't you think so, my dearest ?

So, what do you think ? Stamping=friendship=travelling? I do believe it.I am so happy I love stamping and cardmaking, and also my friends from far far away......