Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I got my Magnolia Ink Magazine !!!!!

Thank you very much Magnolia, for sending me this FREE Magnolia ink Magazine !! I was too happy and excited when my hubby, Tick called me at school telling me the magazine is arrived!!! After I parked my card, I rushed into my craft room and looked for the magazine....WOW, it's totally amazing, beautiful and full of loads and loads of inspirations, step by step tutorials.....and....I have my TWO sketches in it, I was overjoyed !!!!!!!! The cards from DT are too beautiful....I didn't have time to send in my cards maybe many of you know that my family had a hard time when my dad had accident ( stroke) in May....

but I have chance to work in the next coming magazine...Fairytale....will be release in Feb 2010, finger crossed my projects will be published in that issue....if you haven't order your Magnolia ink Magazine, you can go to : to have your copies, but please remember, the subscription begins with the next issue (vol 2). So you have to buy the Christmas issue (the one on the way to the stores) separately.


Ila said...

Good for you Ying!!!...I am still waiting for mine :( Can't wait to see it though!!...Hugs, Ila

Mescrap said...

Congratulation for your works being published in Magnolia. I'm happy on you :)

Lacey said...

That's awesome, Ying! I am so happy your sketches made it! Big hugs to you!

♥ cloudberrie ♥ said...

Nice Ying! It would be nice to read the magazine, I must check my shop next time for it.

My best wishes for you and your family.

Hugs from Eva