Thursday, September 27, 2007

More cards received for my birthday...

Yikes....I am getting old...38 years old tomorrow:-(( am I really old ? Thank you girls for making/sending the fabulous cards to me, I really appreciated them .

Card from Mary C.Love the color of the card,light and soft.

Card from Connie.Love the flower pot and cute bee:-)

Card from Shirley.Tulip is one of my favourite flower:-)

Card from Joyce.Love the bunny:-)) Cute card!

Card from Danette.Very personalized card, Y for Ying !:-)


Marlou said...

Happy Birthday Ying!!!!! and love the cards you received, enjoy your day :) xxx

Marlou said...

Hi Ying, I have tagged you, check out my blog :) hope you are well xx

Birgit said...

Once again happy birthday to you, dearest Ying! I can see you have already got some great cards. I'm so sorry mine will be late...! I'm a total mail-snail, lol!