Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What I received from Melanie Tan

Last saturday morning, my hubby passed to me a big box when the postman came to my house, I was so curious what is it and when I noticed the sender was Melanie, my curiousity was so high because she was supposed to send a CARD to me only not a big box!!!!!I opened wrap papers and have a big shout of OH OH OH:-)

I quickly took my digital camera and took my action.A really beautiful ,beautiful box filled with goodies and a beautiful and creative card shown in front of me!! Melanie is so talented and creative. She made a wedding dress using the patterned paper I sent as the lower part of the dress and added vellum to have a satin look, very very clever and creative idea.I do hope, yes, I wish that Melanie consider cardmaking as her hobby now and forever...

This is actually a NNCC ( Card Swap).Thank you Melanie.

Big beautiful box with gift and card for me:-)

Inside the wrapping paper was

very elegant card and goodies:-) Thank you Mel.

Very elegant card made by Melanie
using very limited supplies I sent to her...clever Melanie :-)

Inside the card,also using the supplies I sent to her....

What do you think ? I am sooo lucky to received this beautiful card from Melanie, thank you once again for your effort to turn the supplies to artworks:-))


Marlou said...

stunning card Ying, what a beautiful surprise to receive xx

Birgit said...

Gosh Ying, what great mail you got from this creative girl! What a beautiful card!!