Friday, February 01, 2008

What happened to my blog?

I can't see most of my pics, could you ?? Please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-((((((

Thank you for all your advice, it seems that it's fine now....phew......


kerry said...

I see pictures! None in today's or Wednesday's posts, but from Jan. 29 and before - lots of pics! Maybe it's just your computer? Whatever it is, I hope you're able to get it worked out.


caffelatte said...

Hi! Ying,

I can see most of the pictures but only your header pictures is gone! Maybe you got to re-check your html code again. It happened to me once but when I logged on a few days later it was ok.

Andrea, said...

I can see your pictures Ying, maybe blogger were just doing some updates when you looked.

Katharina said...

I can see your pictures too!
Ying, please send me your adress, so I can send you the PIF blog candy you won.
Thanks you
Katharina said...

i can see the pictures too!