Saturday, April 25, 2009

Malaysia Food ~ My favorite #1 Nasi Lemak

I know, I know, my blog is about creative and stamping...something about cardmaking, stamping, papercrafts....but....don't you interested about food??? I bet all of us eager to try out some special food...or maybe curious about what is Ying's favorite food, right? OK, so I feel that I should let you know and fullfill your curiousity:-))

OK, we have many types of food here due to our different races here in Malaysia. We have Malay, Chinese, Indian, etc. My favorite food is..........Malay food!!!!! I am not a Malay, and I am not a Malay chef but just because I like it, so I introduce you to my favorite, Nasi Lemak.

It is Coconut-flavored Rice Meal - the rice cooked in coconut milk made aromatic with pandan leaves [screwpine leaves]. It is typically served with Sambal Ikan Bilis - fried dried anchovies cooked in a dry sambal sauce, and garnished with cucumber slices, hard boiled egg and roasted peanuts. Traditionally packaged in a banana leaf, it is usually eaten as hearty breakfast fare.For the recipe , you can view it here.

Wherever I go for breakfast I will consider Nasi Lemak, specially if it serves with Chicken wing:-)) But for health reason, I won't eat it too often because of the coconut milk. of course it's SPICY :-)))


Heather said...

Oh Ying - this sounds delicious. I have a cook book 'South East Asia' which covers recipes from India through to China. One of my favourites from Malaysia is Rendang - probably because I can get all the ingredients (can't always get some things).
I shall look at the recipe and see if I can get the ingredients here.
Thanks for this.
hugs Heather xx

Agnes Sim said...