Saturday, April 20, 2013

The BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello my dear friends arould the world,
I have two BIG news to annouce today !! The pictures said it all :-))

OK, the FIRST NEWS !!!
I have a very precious chance to fly over to Surabaya , Indonesia next month, 29th, Wednesday to meet my dear Magnolia teamies DT Nancie from Malaysia ( yes, we never meet before in Malaysia and this time we will meet in another country, how funny:-)), DT Yulis and DT Irene from Surabaya, Indonesia to host a first ever Magnolia Day in Asia !!!!

There will be LOTS and LOTS of fun on that day and Magnolia rubberstamps Sweden is SO generous again to sponsor LOTS of goodies for the event. You sure will get something fun if you attend the for those who live in Indoensia or maybe Singapore and Malaysia, save your date, please do visit us on Magnolia Day, I am very very looking forward to meet you all !!!!!:-))))))


I am still in my dreaming time and still can't believe what I got ! They picked me! They picked me ! This is so precious and I didnt expect all this when I applied for the post. You know what I mean ? I just simply posted it to apply and when I noticed there has so many talented ladies applied too, I know I don't have the chance. But, I really didn't expect that they picked me !!!

Thank you very very much all the talented and lovely DT in MDUC ! You made my day and I looking forward to have my contribution in next challenges:-)) MDUC is just a STYLE and TREND :-)) LOVE it !

A happy day for me ! 

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Alexandra♥ said...

Great job, Ying! Congratulations!