Saturday, October 28, 2006

Because Eva is too curious.......

so I display my glue book to Birgit here.....any comments, questions are welcome..:-))
Birgit and I LOVE anything vintage so it was easy for me to create something for her, what I love is what she love, isn't it right, Birgit ? :-))
So, I made this glue book with something vintage theme. I firstly wrapped the spiral bound book with handmade papers that my brother bought specially for me from Bangkok last year. It has beautiful flowers' petal and leaves in the handmade papers. I've seen this handmade papers factory in Chingmai ,Thailand with my hubby in 1996, it just something fun and interested when the workers making the handmade papers.Ok, back to my topic today..:-))
After I wrapped the note book with handmade papers, I stamped "friendship" on cork paper then I glued them with crystal lacquer,the result was excellent.. It was really fun and the result look vintage, I think.Then I stamped the women stamp on the formica chip which I distress with the distress ink pad first and tied with black and white gingham ribbon,my favourite ribbon.
Fabric words ribbon was added on the centre of the cover and I added some vintage pictures( I LOVE them soooo much !!!!) and some dried flowers.
Actually the fabric words ribbon was tied and glued to the inside cover , and I glued a white heart paper, then I made a bookmark for Birgit too...unfortunately I forgot to scan the inside cover.
What do you think ? I LOVE my glue book too :-)) I had fun , fun , fun to make it, specially for my friend , Birgit.


Birgit said...
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Birgit said...

So here is the happy receiver!! Many, many thanks for the wonderful gluebook, my dear Ying! I was all in "Oooohs" and "Aaaahs" when I found it in my mailbox! It's a true masterpiece and I cherish it a lot. I could definitely FEEL how much fun you had creating it! You are so right, we both share our love for vintage designs, so it was a perfect choice of yours - whereas I decided for girlie design in my gluebook for you, as I wanted to use those big letters, LOL!

netha said...

You two have done soo beutiful work, well done.
I must start making those books too, it looks real nice.