Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Glue Book

Do you know what is glue book? I also don't know at first. After I received from my friend Birgit, from Austria , I just covered and hooked on glue book. Oh , what a beauties!! You will really getting addicted into it !! Look at the glue book Birgit sent to me , this is really a master piece!!

Today I had the motivation to make the glue book too to send to Birgit, oh my, I really had fun, fun, fun into it....and the result ......I was really happyyyyyyyy for it !!!!!!!.As to suprise Birgit I will display the glue book here after she received it.


cloudberrie said...

Wow that book is gorgeous!
Birgit is great to do beautiful things. But Im really curious to see your too, I know it will look great too because you are also so great with paper, scissors and glue ;)

take care dear!
BIG hug from your friend Eva in Sweden

Ying said...

AWWW, thank you very much for your nice comments about Birgit and me for your paperworks !! LOL...I really love the glue book that Birgit made for me....OK...I changed my mine...as I have sent the glue book to Birgit, then I can display it here....:-))See for my next post !!