Friday, October 13, 2006

My students' cardmaking class

I had a cardmaking class for my students today. Actually they had their final exam and the syllabus had been covered, so we have a lot of time to do other thing in class. I am their Malay language teacher and I had this cardmaking class today with them,(language=Arts??LOL) and I just can't believe how much they enjoyed the class, and they even begged me to teach them every week !!!
Well, what had we do ? I borrowed from the Arts department the paper punches and decorative scissors. The students bought their own of color papers and cardstock.
What a big suprise, they asked me how to measure 12x12cm? and how to cut out the cardstock, oh my, I laughed a lot and asked them what had you learned from these past five years?
Everyone asked me to cut the papers for them, I demontrasted the cutting and let the others do their own.They had fun played the paper punches and the decorative scissors.We made the Thank you card today.The result are quite OK, as they are very beginner in cardmaking.
If I had chance next week, I will having another class, and hopefully I can show you some of their cards, when they are skillful enough .

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Birgit said...

What a wonderful idea to introduce your students to cardmaking, dear Ying! I hope to see some of the results one day! Whenever I brought my punches and other craft supplies to make some projects at school, my students used to be enthusiastic about it too. Our job is pretty cool, isn't it, it gives us some freedom - at least at times ;-). Birgit :-)