Saturday, September 27, 2008

Exciting High Hopes News!!

Tomorrow, 28th, September, is a GOOD day, will be my birthday and .....High Hopes rubberstamps will release their new line of stamps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are so CUTE and ADORABLE!!! I can't wait to ink them up which I have received them some days ago !!! So excited!!!!!!!
Now, here are some of them.....

And....this is not enough....there is another excited news I want to share with, we have a High Hopes Blog to let everyone share their inpirations, challenges,latest High Hopes news, the current Project of the Month,informations, etc....all the High Hopes Diva will show you all those amazing samples make with High Hopes rubberstamps, isn't this sounds fun and fanstastic?? I am very excited!!!

They will be a challenge every Sunday and you have chance to show your fanstastic cards!!! So, here is the link :High Hopes Blog


明天是个好日子,是我的生日,也是High Hopes rubberstamps推出他们的新一批的印章:-)))我好期待,因为我已经收到这些印章,希望今晚我能有所作为,能让大家看一看用这些印章做的卡片,也请看看以上的图画,那就是一些有关的印章....

High Hopes rubberstamps(HH)的Diva也开了一个blog让大家能有一个地方知道HH的最新消息,每一个星期日,我们也有卡片挑战,那你就能够用HH 来制作美美的卡片,然后再上载到那个blog让所有的人看,从中你也能从别人的卡片中获得灵感....兴奋吧!!!

Blog的link:High Hopes Blog,那里见!!!


Malin said...

The stamps are super cute, I hope you are all right...

I am off to a wedding now


cloudberrie said...

Hope your day will be wonderful and filled with joy!

Wish you all the best!

Hugs from your Swedish teacher friend Eva in Gällivare

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday, ying!
It's great to see your blog in bilingual!

xoxo...wander @ cari